What should I call my cute elves?

I love the elves my mum made me for christmas last year and this year but I think they need names can you please help me decide?

5/6 S brainstormed some names and now I need people to vote to help with the decision. Thanks. 🙂

What should I call my elves?
Milk & Cookies
Jiggily & Biggily
Jingle & Bells
Frankie & Hamish
Elfie 1 & Elfie 2
Jerry & Perry
Sunshine & Candy
Pole & Northy

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What an amazing year we’ve had!

Thankyou 5/6 S for a fabulous year. It has been full of fun and laughter. I have really enjoyed teaching this year and I hope you have all enjoyed this year too. I wish the grade 6’s all the best for their new stage in their lives at secondary school and I know you will all have a blast (some of my best memories are from high school 🙂 ).  Grade 5’s I will see you next year and good luck in your new grade 6 classes! 🙂

What is your best memory of 5/6 S?

Can you remember a great learning experience, funny moment, memorable moment?

Please post a comment.

Congratulations Garrett

Garrett completed his brown belt grading in Ju-Jitsu last night.
It is an excellent achievement Garrett, well done!

Goodbye eveyone

Dear 5/6 S,
Thankyou, I really love the card that everyone made. You all make me happy when I come to school, I will miss you all. I am excited about going to Thailand and Burma to see my family. Are any of you going overseas in the holidays? Or are you going to do something fun?
Good luck to grade 6’s going to high school. I wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!
from May Day

Cultural Infusion Incursion

On the 26th of November the 5/6′s had an excellent day learning about aboriginal culture. We all enjoyed listening to Dreamtime story telling, making aboriginal paintings and learning aboriginal dances. At the end of the day we enjoyed watching some of the students dance and the best part was watching the dance off between Mr Millar and Mitchell.  By Nathan 5/6S

The 3/4 students also enjoyed the same incursion last term.

What was your favourite thing about the experience?

What did you learn on the day?


Problem solving with shapes

Yesterday the class had to work in pairs to create a design using pattern blocks that had the following properties;

1. vertical and horizontal symmetry.

2. It had to tessellate (no gaps).

3. It had to be worth between 25 and 35 points if the hexagon was worth 3 points.

They first had to solve the problem of what each shape was worth and then using pattern blocks create their design. The whole class showed excellent cooperation skills and everyone came up with a unique design. Most pairs were successful in their design although a few failed to create a shape with the right amount of points.

5/6 S what was a strategy you used when completing this task?
What was the most difficult part of the activity?

How did you solve the problem of working out the points?

Amazing Masks!

5/6 S did a fantastic job of making these very creative masks in art over the past few weeks!

Which one is your favourite?

The grade voted and Nathan’s mask was the most popular closely followed my Milla. 

Well done to everyone that made a mask you did a fabulous job!



5/6 S have now seen their second magic trick show presented by Mason and Tom.


They showed us some amazing card tricks, a rubber band trick,  a cup and ball trick, the disappearing tissue, and lights from anywhere.

Which trick was your favourite and why?

Do you have a question for Mason or Tom?